Mix & Match has a lot of Infinite hoops. They are light and comfortable for everyday wear as well as sleep. However, they can be difficult to put on and take off, especially for those with small hands. To answer some of the frequently-asked questions, I have created the following guide. To prevent breakage, infinite hoops can be described as a tube wire loop. They should be opened vertically instead of horizontally. To open an infinite hooper, rock the post gently back and forth while keeping the hoop closed. If there is movement in the post, that’s where you’ll find your end to open your hoops.

To close an infinite hoops, thread the post through the piercing. Use your index and thumb to move the hoops closer together. The same two fingers can be used to align the hollow end with the post. Place the post onto the hollow side using your other hand. Voila! You can follow the instructions hoop earrings in these videos. If you have difficulty fitting the post into the hollow tube you might need to get help from someone who can see behind your ears.

The temper is the next option. The temper indicates how many times the wire has passed through a drawplate. Dead-soft is the wire that has not been passed through a drawplate. It will be half-hard if it goes through five passes, while 10 passes will harden it completely. It would be very difficult to shape a dead wire because it would be soft, while a hardwire would prove too rigid to shape.

Consider the material. Your choice, but consider what you can comfortably wear. Copper is a favorite metal of mine, but I can’t wear it due to my allergy. Keep in mind that copper allergies are common. Because Earlobes can be very sensitive, I prefer sterling silver or gold filled.

You only need to use a few tools and effort to make hoops. This is a great advantage for makers who are in urgent need of a product and don’t have the time to manufacture it. It’s a good idea having several sizes of hoops in stock. This will make it easier to choose the right size. You can use whatever you like, but I have used the dapping punch as an example. These can be made with wine bottles, vases and cups or any other cylindrical material. However, it is important that the surface can withstand light hammering. Are you able to find scrap metal? Create hoops using your scrap wire. This is a great idea to make hoops with the scrap wire you have in your jewelry workshop.

After you’ve determined the shape of the hoop, place a loop inside it. This loop must be diagonally placed across the top of your hoops. This is important to remember. Place the wire between the round-nose pliers. The tip of your wire should be placed between the round nose jaws. Grab the wire in one hands and the pliers the other. Form the wire around the nose pliers.

These gorgeous hoop earrings require little to no work and are very easy to make. Once you get comfortable with the process, you will be able to make multiple pairs in a relatively short time. Lightweight charms can be attached to the hoops, or you can wrap sterling silver wire beads around the sides. These small accessories will give your wire hoop earrings a variety.

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