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All wallpapers made from fiberglass are exclusively white in color. This is the law of modern production technology. Snow-white wallpaper cullet wallpaper After the wallpaper is applied to the ceiling or walls and dried, it’s time to change the color or pattern. They are often called wallpaper for painting. Glass wall papers differ in texture. Here you can see a herringbone and a cobweb and a lattice. There are many options.

Experts recommend water-dispersion paints containing binders made from acrylic or styrenebutadiene as the best choice for painting glass. These paints retain all the characteristics of fiberglass-based wallpaper without affecting their internal texture. These characteristics include high resistance to open fire, high environmental friendliness, and vapor permeability. All these unique features of glass Glasvezelbehang kopen wallpaper do not disappear or diminish after the application of this type of paint.

Dispersion paints offer many other benefits for painting glass fiber. These include the absence of smell which could be harmful or unpleasant to the user; easy application using all available methods; rapid absorption; and drying time that is ideal for indoor painting.

They are the most versatile. Acrylic paints account for a large portion of all water-based paints. They are therefore used more frequently to paint glass. Acrylic paints can be tinted in up to 15,000 colors.

Acrylic paints applied to glass wall paper retain their colors well and can withstand extreme UV radiation. Acrylic paints of high quality are extremely elastic, durable, and resistant to washing. Modern acrylic binders allow you to create water-dispersion paints that can be used to make fiberglass wallpaper or fiberglass that look like wood.

Paints made from latex

Experts recommend latex-based waterbased paints for texture and structural wallpapers. For coloring glass walls, both residential and commercial buildings, latex paints work well. You can apply them with a brush, a roller or a high pressure spray gun. Experts recommend that you use high-quality water-dispersion paints and a low-content filler when painting glass wallpapers. Cheap paints can clog glass walls’ textured patterns.

Here’s how to color glass wall papers: Before applying paint layers, you need to cover it with a primer made of diluted glue. This will improve the bonding between wallpaper and paint. You can also spray the paint on the wall with a special roller, or use spraying. After each layer is applied, take a break for at least 12 hours.

Because of the wealth available in the building material market, it is now possible to repair your apartment on your own. Many wallpapers can be used on different bases in various colors. Modern version: Pasting fiberglass wallpaper on walls. Glass wallpaper is one of today’s most useful types of wallpaper. These wallpapers are made from different glass fibers with different thicknesses and density. They are then coated with a special compound to ensure the material’s stability. After gluing them to a surface, it is time to decide which paint to use for glass wall paper. Take into account the different colors.

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